How to Throw a Kick-A Valentine’s Party

1. Make sure to have the proper decorations.

Like OMG, all your male friends will all be fawning over this.

Like  OMG, your male friends will all be fawning all over this.

2. Fill your iTunes with music to really set the mood.

The regular edition is really just not the same.

3. Make sure to have enough food and beverages for your guests.

Because of course you have time to carve small perfectly shaped hearts out of your apples.
Nothing says romantic party like squeeze me juice. These also double as a party game: have everyone tape the cards to their shirts and see what happens.

 4. Before guests arrive, make sure to dim the lights. 

pink and red roomIf your room does not have this much pink and red, go ahead and call the guests and cancel because your party will suck.

5. Offer Valentine’s Glamour Shots.

That rose smells just as awkward as this photo looks.

6. Dance your a** off and have fun!

90s decor meets Saint Valentine.

Certainly a crowd-pleaser.

Happy Valentine’s Queridos! 


Just take it in.