Why Texas is the Best and the other 49 States Don’t Even Compare

Hola a todos! If you’ve guessed from the title of this blog, I am Texan. And boy, do I love Texas. Like really love Texas. I am the quintessential overly proud Texan and am unashamedly so.

So, today I bring you a little random Texas love with why this state is the best. Enjoy!

1. The shape of our state is beautiful enough to design things out of. 

texas cookies
Like these cookies.
Because it's just not fun to sit at a circular or rectangular table.
Because it’s just not fun to sit at a circular or rectangular table.

Texas waffle
My personal favorite, the Texas waffle. Waffles shaped like Texas actually taste better.

2. We were once our own country

texas map
And a big one, too!
texas secede
Many Texans think we should be one again.

3. The first word heard from outer space was Houston

texas houston
Even our flag has been
Even our flag has been around the moon.

4. Famous people like Davy Crockett prefer Texas over any place else.

texas davy
Wise word Davy, wise words.

5. The Texas flag is stylish enough to wear.

texas bra
Lady’s fashion.
texas shorts
So all the other runners know you support the best state in America.
texas shirts
How good does this family look?

6. God blessed Texas and we’ll sing and dance about it. 

*I actually showed this video to two Canadian friends while I was in Spain a few years ago. They nearly fell over.*

7. Two words: Willie. Nelson.

texas willie
One of the world’s BEST country music singers. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you live under a rock.

8. We’ll claim Texas over America any day.

texas bumber

Texas Pride

Happy Thursday!