Wednesday Blog Love #4

Happy Hump Day dear queridos! Only two days left to a very, very anticipated weekend.

With the blogs, the good posts always seem so good. I’ve been inclined, to believe they always would, but now I…share them with you ūüôā

Big shout out to the following, these are very worthy reads this week!

  • Little Miss Money at the Pursuit of Riches talks about her change in mindset. It’s all about the power of positive thinking!
  • Lauren at L Bee and the Money Tree talks about her 2014 goals. Her goal of $30k in side income is so inspiring.
  • A Disease Called Debt talks about the different emotions of the debt repayment process and addresses Debt Denial. This was something I definitely struggled with in undergrad. My thought at the time was that “well everybody has to take out loans to go to school” or “it won’t be that bad to pay back later”. Definitely wrong.
  • Sarah at GoGirlFinance¬†gives 4 great tips for making a finance plan in your 20s. #3 (having an emergency fund) is so important!

Okay readers, this week’s song is an oldie but goodie. First to comment here or on Twitter (@DebtFreeTejana) will receive the highly valued VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE and¬†Twitter¬†shout out!¬†

neil diamond

That shirt… oh man.


Wednesday Blog Love #2

Dear lovers and Friends, if Usher, John and Luda had to do it again, it would probably look a little like the following blogs. Mad props to each of the bloggers, you guys inspire me!!

  • I’m sorry, but what?! Michelle at Making Sense of Cents made over $12k in business income for the month of December! Way to go Michelle!
  • Nikki over at Debt Busting Chick cites 17 strategies she uses to help pay back her loans. I love her no. 9 (start a blog!) and think that no. 10 and 11 (setting short and long term goals) are SO important. You need to have a plan to get to where you would like to be financially. For the majority of us, it won’t just happen by chance.
  • I just recently discovered FemmeFrugality and am completely hooked. Her witty writing style mixed with great content is a must read!
  • Big shout out to Stephanie at the Broke and Beautiful Life for re-committing to her 2014 goals!

So, I leave you all with one last image to really add in to the cheesy opening line (old school lyrics, anyone?):

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