Goals, Goals, Goals!

I love goals. I also love Bruno Mars. Did anyone see his fabulous Halftime show yesterday? Mmm!

But back to the goals. For me to accomplish something big, I need a specific goal so that I can shape a plan to ensure that I do what needs to be done to reach said goal. I’ve been putting off posting my 2014 goals here for no big reason (at first it was to avoid the myriad of New Year’s Resolutions posts, after that I’ve just been pushing it back). So it happens today!


1. Run my very first marathon. I signed up for one last year but jumped into training too quickly, hurt my knee and couldn’t get over the injury. I did PT and am fine now, but I still really want to run a marathon (just one, I actually really dislike running).
2. Knit a pair of socks. I’ve been knitting since the 11th grade but have stuck mainly to scarves. I’ve tried socks several time previously but have not been able to master them. This year!
3. Be intentional (family, friends and work).
4. Complete 2 Whole30s.
5. Read 15 books.


1. Average $3,700 a month in student loan payments.
2. Put $250 a month in savings.
3. Set up and make $500 from my Etsy shop.


1. Reach 100,000 Alexa World Ranking.
2. Reach 1,500 unique visitors monthly.

Anddd brand new to the blog this month: Monthly Goals. To get to the big goal, you’ve got to have a solid action plan!


1. Increase running to run a 5k comfortably.
2. 26 days of VERY clean eating (I typically eat Paleo but have been slacking a little bit lately and have been feeling lousy because of it).
3. Go to CrossFit 2x a week.
4. Sell at least one item on Etsy.


1. Pay $3,500 to student loans.
2. Save $100 for best friend’s destination wedding.
3. Save $50 for upcoming Mexico City trip (post on this to come).


1. Reach 500,000 in Alexa World Ranking.
2. Reach 500 unique visitors monthly.
3. Feature 2 guest posts. If you’re interested, please email me!

Glad to have these typed up and out there for the world to help keep me accountable. Please feel free to hold me to these goals throughout as we progress through the year.

Lastly, to help you start your Tuesday off right, please enjoy the following. It is 150% worth a minute of your time. Really, really worth your time

What are your February goals?


Time for a HAPPY DANCE!!!

This budget cycle: December 20-January 19, I paid (drum roll please) $4,029.69 ON MY LOANS!!!!

HOLY COW! I cannot believe it. I worked an insane amount at the restaurant because of my two week break from school, but I also picked up a lot of catering events that were on school nights. I seriously busted my butt working this past month and it worked!

New Year’s Post? Nah.

Okay dear readers, I contemplated the idea of reviewing 2013, looking forward to 2014 and yadda, yadda. But right now I’m still a little upset about how much debt I am still in and don’t want to re-hash the crazy, albeit incredible year I just had (at least financially, anyway. Remember that last post?).

No, queridos, that might be next week. I believe that reflection is a very powerful tool, something necessary to grow, but I’m not ready to write about all of that just yet.

So, lets leave it at this: I just went through my budget for this budget cycle, adding in a payment I made today, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Since December 20th, I’ve paid $3,585 on my loans. I had to take a second because I didn’t believe it. I went back, redid all of the math and double checked each of my lenders website in the “My Payments” section. But no, I really have put that much on loans this cycle.

I still can’t quite believe it yet. I’ve still got 19 days until this budget cycle ends. So… I’ve decided to make my new goal to pay $415 more in the next three weeks, bringing my total loan payment for this budget cycle $4,000.

While paying back loans is hard- so damn hard, it’s nice to feel a little bit of progress after having a set back this past week while “looking at the forest”. For now it’s just looking at the trees, and $415 is a tree that I would imagine looks like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree: small and sad, but representative of something much bigger.

Thank you for taking the time to read and stick with me through the ups and downs of this process. Feliz año nuevo!


And the totals are in…

The face of this little girl perfectly sums it up! This month I spent more than I wanted, but I also was able to pay off more than I had expected.

My October 20-November 19th totals are as follows:
Amount put in Savings: $250
Amount paid to loans: 3,267.87
Number of lenders: 3
Number of loans: 11
Can you believe it?!? I put over $3k onto my loans this month! Wahoo!
My financial goals for November 20th- December 19th are as follows:
Amount put in Savings: $250
Amount paid to loans: $3,500
Number of lenders: 2
Number of loans: 9
The number of lenders and loans is a bit of a “gimme”- I only have $284 on one loan and $252.77 on another loan, but the $284 loan will completely pay off one lender!
My only hesitation of setting the $3,500 loan payment is that it is Christmas season and there are always little expenses that pop up. However I have three full weeks off between Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Break to work full time at the restaurant, so I think I will be able to pick up quite a bit extra.
That’s all for now. I’m so excited that I am going to celebrate with an evening of reading and watching hulu.
What are your financial goals to get through the Christmas season?