El Fuego Funnies

I believe that yesterday more than constituted a Monday Funday.

It was your typical MLK day. Off work for the day. Had just finished breakfast with the family. Enjoying the lovely 70 degree whether.

Then, it was time to go to the grocery store. I always prepare my meals the day before the work week starts so that I am ready to go. I meticulosly made my list, pulled El Fuego out of the garage and headed to the store.

DIY parking at the grocery store.

DIY parking at the grocery store.

The list was a bit light this week as my Mom had made a huge meal on Sunday and gave me the leftovers. I put the produce in the beautiful blue basket and proceeded to bike home.

Now, when I bike (or drive in the car alone for that matter), I listen to music. I don’t just listen, but I tend to jam out and sing along. Loud. Dorky? You betcha. If you are also a car-singing super star like me, you can’t carry a tune (or pitch) in a bucket. In college, my sorority participated in a university wide show called “Sing” where all the clubs put together a 10 minute show that we would sing and dance to. My second year in club, the Sing director asked me just to lip sync. Honestly I can’t blame her, I’m terrible!

So, I’m riding El Fuego down a pretty low-traffic street here in subrubia (thinking I’m alone) jamming out to the 80s classic “Take on Me”. Take meeee onnnnn. I’lll beeeee goneeeee OH ooooooooh!

On the highest pitch of that OH ooooooooooh I turned a corner only to find three teenagers standing on the corner, staring at me incredulously.

And to make your Tuesday better, Justin Bieber Valentine's Cards. You're welcome.

And to make your Tuesday better, Justin Bieber Valentine’s Cards. You’re welcome.

All I could do was laugh. I teach teenagers and sing for them quite regularly (I make up super dorky songs to help them remember what we are learning in class). I can’t even say that I was embarrassed, but the face on those three kids was absolutely priceless. It was if they were stunned that someone could 1) sing so bad and 2) proceed to do so in public.

Well, all is well and El Fuego, the produce and I made it home safely, but it was definitely a grocery ride worth mentioning.

Have a fabulous Tuesday dear readers!


La Tejana



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