Do these shoes match my free table and blog ignorance?

Alright folks, I come to you today with two exciting pieces of news and something to admit.

The school that I teach at has something that we call “Ryan Ebay”. Ryan Ebay works like this: when one teacher (or teacher’s family member) has something to sell or get rid of, said staff member will send an all-staff email with the item, price and pictures. As I was lesson planning on Friday, I just happened to check my work email and see that one teacher’s daughter was getting rid of her dining room table and wanted to give it away for FREE. That’s right dear readers, for the price of absolutely ZERO! Over the course of living with roommates in college and graduate school, I have managed to pay $0 to furnish my room and house. Thankfully, my mother has fabulous friends who would always save me their old furniture and then donate it to me whenever they decided to get rid of it. To fill my kitchen, my Mom saved “stamps” from incentive programs from the local grocery store over several years time to redeem and give me a full set up dishes and pots and pans.

So, I opened the attached picture and saw that this was a really, really nice table. I immediately emailed her back and asked if I could have it. Luckily it was still available and today a friend and I picked it up. In the picture it looks nice, but in person, it is gorgeous (plus being FREE only adds to its beauty)!

The new table at its old home.

There is just one thing: I live with my parents. Right now, anything I need is in my bedroom (mattress, dresser, desk, bookshelf, etc) and the rest of the items (kitchen stuff, vacuum, etc) are taking up space in my parent’s garage. When I moved back in, I did sell my couch and love seat, but decided to save the rest. My parents are more than fine with storing my stuff in the garage (they love the fact that I live with them), but I do feel slightly guilty for holding on to it when I know I will probably be living her for at least one more year while I pay off my loans. My reasoning behind it is that 1) it was all free. I didn’t have to pay anything to get the furniture and kitchen items, so I don’t feel like I need to “make money” off of them by selling them; and 2) I’d rather hold on to it all and not worry about having to find free furniture or pay for furniture when I move out. Call me a hoarder, but I really do feel like it will be cheaper in the long run to hold on to it all now (please feel free to comment below if you disagree, I’d love to get some different opinions on this).  But as of now, the table is sitting on top of a patio table (that was also free) waiting to for its new home.

Along with the fun new table, a gift card from my Aunt and a free Amazon Prime trial membership afforded me to get a new pair of work out shoes for only $60. I’ve been holding off for about a year and a half on buying new work out shoes. My previous pair is three years old and has zero support left to them, but a new pair of the same model (or for that matter, anything similar) was around $100, an amount I really just couldn’t justify spending.

For Christmas my Aunt gave me an Amazon gift card. After looking on Amazon, I found a pair similar to the ones I have now for $80, only $50 with my gift card, a much more reasonable amount. With tax and shipping, the total price would have gone back up to $80, but Amazon does one month free trials of Prime, in which you receive free two-day shipping. So, I signed up for the trial membership and only had to pay $66.31. I’ll take it!

New kicks!

New kicks!

Lastly dear readers, I need to admit one big thing. I started this blog about two months ago with the purpose of helping to keep me accountable to decreasing my spending and increasing my revenue. I have to say, it has worked. Since starting the blog,   the idea of “oh, I’ll have to write about this” or “I’d be embarrassed to say I wasted my money on X” run through my mind when making purchases or paying on my loans and help to keep me a bit more accountable to my end missing of killing $80k of student loan debt.

With that dear readers, I need to tell you that I really have no idea what I’m doing here. I hope that this is serving as a source of encouragement for people who are in similar situations. The Personal Finance blog community has been so supportive and the emails and comments are so very appreciated. If there is something that you would like to see me post about here or have any kind of suggestions (about the blog or debt repayment wise), I would love to hear them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Any suggestions for my blog? What are you thoughts on holding on to all my furniture? I’d love to hear, post below!


La Tejana



  1. As long as your parents don’t mind having the stuff around I think it’s OK. I would just say try to be conscious of their space, but I’m sure they want to do everything they can to help you. Great deal on the shoes. Since I’m new to your site, hard to say what to do with your blog. I would say do what you feel is right for you, and if you need any tips on growing the site I’d be happy to pass on any knowledge I have!

  2. Interesting! I love hearing about people’s different thought processes. I would never have furniture before moving into some place new. You have no idea what that place will be like. Maybe it won’t fit that table, or couch, or what have you. Maybe the shape doesn’t work right. I’d rather just deal with everything later than have to buy extra and haul around things that don’t fit right.

  3. I personally wouldn’t take a table if I was living with my parents. I am also a minimalist and would just wait until I moved. Doesn’t sound like it’s an issue with your parents though. I think you are doing a crazy amazing job with your debt, so keep writing about that, and what you want. It will get easier over time.

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