The Great Texas Ice Storm

It has been quite a while dear readers, and for that I am sorry! The past two weeks I have been swamped with gearing up for the end of the semester with grading and lesson planning, working doubles at the restaurant (even on school nights!) and weddings! Even though the next two weeks are going to be equally crazy, I get two full weeks off for the Christmas and the New Year’s holiday from December 21st- January 5th. Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE being a teacher?

Since the last post, I was able to pay off two loans (the “gimme” loans I mentioned last time) and pay an extra $817.79 on my smallest loan. That brings my monthly loan payment total to $1,117.79. Sigh. My goal for this month is to pay $3,500. This goal was already high, but due to having to replace my front brakes ($300 set back) and pay for wedding and graduation gifts ($100) plus gas to go to and from said wedding and graduation ($75), I’ll be cutting it close. Oh and did I mention that didn’t even count in for Christmas gifts or the fact that I had to give up 3 shifts at the restaurant to attend wedding and graduation? *Positive thoughts, positive thoughts*

Yet I digress…

This past weekend Texas got hit with one of the biggest ice storms I have yet lived through! It was so bad that my district (and most in the area) cancelled school Friday and again today (no complaints there). Even with this going on, this past Saturday two good friends got married. It was a beautiful ceremony, but one that my friends and I almost did not make. We woke up Saturday morning to find that all of north Texas had been covered in a solid sheet of ice. The ice was  gorgeous- but incredibly dangerous. We had expected the ice to be bad, but not as bad as it was. Most of the highways were closed, semis got stuck for hours and the news stations advised all to stay at home and not take on the roads.

photo (51)

Frozen needles on the tree!

My friends decided to continue with the wedding, understandably since they already had family in town, but it was quite the event to get there. The wedding was 30 miles north, up in the country. Two friends and I rode together and a drive that should have only taken 45 minutes took 2.5 hours of back roads and country driving. Thankfully, we (and the other wedding guests) made it safely and were able to celebrate the special day with our friends. We

photo 2 (1)

The Lodge we stayed at after the wedding

ended up staying the night out in the country (one friend’s uncle has a lodge in the area). The next day we made it home in another 2.5 hours. My friend V drove the whole way and definitely deserves the driver of the year award for braving the roads the entire time!

The roads have cleared up quite a bit today and I’m sure that we will go back to school tomorrow. In stead with trying to not drive for errands in town, I walked all of my errands today and only managed to completely bust once on the sidewalk. Conveniently enough it was right as several cars drove by and yes, I did hear them slow down right after and then speed up again once I got up. At least they were going to be good Samaritans?

I hope that you all have had a fabulous start to December and have enjoyed the wintry weather. What are you favorite things to do when it ices/snows?



  1. Hey Tejana. I’m sorry you didn’t hit your goal this month, but that’s OK, you’re still sending extra. Is there a reason you’re paying the smallest loan first? It’s generally better to pay the one with the highest interest rate. Anyway, I’m too old for it, but I love to sled and still do it when it snows. As a matter of fact, we’re getting hit with snow today in Oregon…off to the mountain for some sledding as soon as the clock strikes 4:30!

  2. Have fun!! The school I teach at just got cancelled again tomorrow so I hope to enjoy some more ice escapades! And with paying off the smallest first- all of my loans have the same interest rate of 6.8% (yuk). I follow Dave Ramsey’s “Debt Snowball” plan. It has been so helpful and encouraging to see all of my loans start to get paid off! 🙂

    Info on the Debt Snowball can be found here:

  3. That’s crazy! We had one specific night with extreme ice and my wife drove home in it without realizing how bad it was. I’m still thankful to this day that she was safe. I’m so glad that your friend’s wedding was able to continue and that guests were able to make it.

  4. You’re doing great on your payoff!

    I’m glad you were safe! Snow and ice can be scary, especially in places that aren’t used to snow. We hunkered down in Northern California all weekend because of the snow and ice. Church was cancelled on Sunday and school was cancelled on Monday and delayed on Tuesday!

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